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Lyon Software

July 2007,

Brief Overview

Lyon Software, based in Toledo, OH, is the maker of CBISA Online, a comprehensive software program that aids hospitals and long term care facilities in community benefit reporting and planning. As part of a cohesive brand update executed by Viridian Creative's Jean Green, Magnate Interactive was commissioned to extend this bright new vision to the Lyon Software corporate website.

Project Goals

The primary goals of the website redesign were to define a clear content organization strategy, provide user friendly navigation and search engine friendly URLs, and extend branding elements created for printed pieces to the screen. Standards-based markup, consistency between browsers, and progressive enhancement through JavaScript and Flash all play into the end-result. Additionally, the site needed to be easy to update by in-house staff at Lyon Software, which meant certain extra steps in planning needed to happen to ensure that ease.


Using a combination of leading-edge software packages and low-cost open-source solutions, coupled with Magnate's expertise in site design and development, the bulk of the redesign was complete within six weeks. The same software used to code the site, Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, is also used by in-house staff at Lyon Software to make site updates - and because of a clean separation between the text content of the site and its CSS-based presentation, staff can focus on writing content for users rather than code for web browsers.

Tools of the Trade

Magnate Interactive meets each project with unique, customer-centric solutions. The needs of your audience ultimately determines the technologies we use in production.

For the Lyon Software website, Magnate Interactive used the following tools of the trade:

  • Adobe Fireworks CS3, Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Illustrator CS3, Adobe Flash CS3
  • Eclipse IDE
  • CVS for source code control
  • FlashDevelop
  • PHP5